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Winter Safety Tips for Auto Glass

Happy New Year from Best Auto Glass Installers!

Winter is upon us, and although there is still no snow to show it, the weather has been getting colder. Winter weather-and the ice that comes with it-presents safety concerns for auto glass, and certain precautions should be taken to ensure your safety as well as the state of your auto glass.

As the weather changes and there is onset of cold and ice, it is the time to pay attention to auto glass safety. If your auto glass has a small chip or crack, it’s time to get that taken care of before it gets any colder. If any moisture from rain, snow, or melted ice gets into the crack, it is likely to cause the crack or chip to expand as the moisture freezes. This can cause the chip or crack to expand, thus your vision might be impared and the crack will continue to grow. Not only from a safety standpoint but it will cost you less to have the glass repaired.
As you take steps to care for your automobile, don’t forget to take precautions for your own safety. Lock your car doors when you leave it, and always place valuables in the truck of your car to avoid break-ins that will cause that need to replace your auto glass. Try using de-icing spray in your locks a a few times a month during the winter months to keep your locks from freezing.

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