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Winter Safety Tips for Auto Glass

Happy New Year from Best Auto Glass Installers!

Winter is upon us, and although there is still no snow to show it, the weather has been getting colder. Winter weather-and the ice that comes with it-presents safety concerns for auto glass, and certain precautions should be taken to ensure your safety as well as the state of your auto glass.

As the weather changes and there is onset of cold and ice, it is the time to pay attention to auto glass safety. If your auto glass has a small chip or crack, it’s time to get that taken care of before it gets any colder. If any moisture from rain, snow, or melted ice gets into the crack, it is likely to cause the crack or chip to expand as the moisture freezes. This can cause the chip or crack to expand, thus your vision might be impared and the crack will continue to grow. Not only from a safety standpoint but it will cost you less to have the glass repaired.
As you take steps to care for your automobile, don’t forget to take precautions for your own safety. Lock your car doors when you leave it, and always place valuables in the truck of your car to avoid break-ins that will cause that need to replace your auto glass. Try using de-icing spray in your locks a a few times a month during the winter months to keep your locks from freezing.

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Quality Auto Glass Repair for Oregon, OH

Quality Auto Glass, Quality Service from Best Auto Glass

Best Auto Glass provides quality auto glass repair to the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas. We have the best glass repair service and the best value in the area because we are a local company, not a national chain of glass repair and replacement. We firmly believe that this is our very best quality.

 Quality Auto Glass Repair for Oregon, OH


We Provide Quality Auto Glass Service as a Member of the Better Business Bureau

We take great pride in our customer service for glass installation and believe that we can serve you best because we are in the local market and not distracted by national obligations. One way that we show this to the community is by being an active member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintaining an A+ rating with them. Best Auto Glass has received zero complaints from the BBB in the past 36 months, which is the standard reporting period for the BBB. We have been a part of the BBB since August of 2009.

The rating of A+ is the highest obtainable through the BBB. Best Glass Auto went through an extensive evaluation process by the BBB and was found to meet the standards set by the BBB. An A+ grade shows the faith that the BBB has in our customer service and our dedication to quality glass repair and our excellent customers.

Being a member of the BBB also means that in the event of a customer complaint, we have pledged to answer and resolve the claim as quickly as possible. If you are not happy with our service and our work, we are not happy and will work to fix the issue.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out our profile on the BBB’s website and see how we meet the standards for professional auto glass.

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Mobile Windshield Replacement for Bowling Green, Blissfield

We come to you for Mobile Windshield Replacement

Best Auto Glass offers mobile windshield replacement in many local areas. We offer a 50-mile radius of mobile auto glass service from our Sylvania, Ohio location for your convenience. As our name indicates, we offer the best quality of service and the best value for auto glass repair because we are the best.

Mobile windshield replacement means that we are able to service a large area of customers while they are at home or at work.  You do not need to worry about getting your car to a location when your windshield has been broken, because we will come to you and repair the damages. If you have a busy day, but need to get your windshield fixed or replaced, simply schedule a repair visit with our installation specialist and they will take care of your auto glass needs. Typically, we do same-day appointments. Our large inventory allows us to fix your auto glass in a day, so that you do not need to worry about a long wait.


Mobile Windshield Replacement and Repair

Although we do replace windshields when it is necessary, if your auto glass only has a small nick or crack we are able to repair auto glass for only a fraction of the time and cost that it takes to repair an entire windshield. In many cases, if you have comprehensive insurance and decide to repair  your auto glass rather than replacing it, your insurance company might waive your deductible (which would leave you without anything to pay!). Also, for your further convenience, we are approved in all auto insurance networks.

Our mobile windshield repair service is the easiest solution for you when it comes to replacing or repairing your windshield. Where else can you get same-day completion of service for a competitive price at the best value in town?

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Auto Glass Safety from Best Auto Glass

Auto Glass Safety Tips and Information

Windshield Maintenance Crucial for Auto Glass Safety

As a part of auto glass safety, windshield maintenance is important for many more safety reasons than you may realize. Not only is it very important to keep your windshield wipers clean and in repair so that your visibility is not obstructed, but keeping a well-maintained windshield can save your life. Visibility is probably the most common reason; we all know that if you cannot see out of your window, it is not safe to be driving. However, did you know that a secure windshield (an important aspect of auto glass safety) will protect you in the event of a car crash?


One of the lesser-known functions of a windshield is to keep passengers inside in case of a crash. Without having a properly sealed and installed windshield, passengers could go flying out of the window, causing serious injury or death.

Also, without the windshield, the air bags are unable to protect the front passengers. Air bags press against the windshield, which gives them the cushion and pressure needed to keep the  passengers from flying through the window or from hitting the dashboard. Having a windshield that is well-maintained and in good repair is extremely important for your auto glass safety and the safety of others in your vehicle in case of a car crash.

When you find the need to replace your windshield, make certain that whomever is doing the work is a certified glass installation technician with the National Glass Association and that they are using OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) replacement glass and a high quality sealant. With proper installation of a new windshield, you and your passengers will be safer. Do not mess around with auto glass safety by not having a safe windshield installation! It is not a risk worth taking.

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Auto Glass Installation for Toledo

Get Safe Auto Glass Installation from Best Auto Glass in Sylvania, OH

Mobile Service for Auto Glass Installation

When you replace your windshield, you want to make sure that the best type of glass is used. Best Auto Glass always uses OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement glass when doing an auto glass installation. Always ask your glass retailers questions about auto glass installation to make sure they are putting your safety first.

Read here for more information on OEM glass installation and the safety benefits obtained by making sure your auto glass retailer uses this type of glass when your windshield needs to be replaced.  All glass installation should be done with the highest quality of glass (with trusted brands such as PPG auto glass, Pilkington auto glass, and Guardian auto glass) no matter what part of your auto’s glass is being replaced. Especially with windshield replacement, no corners can be cut without jeopardizing the safety of the driver and passengers. In case of an accident, a secure windshield can save lives.


Most auto glass installation locations replace more than just windshields!

At Best Auto Glass we install all types of glass for autos, trucks, vans, and RVs. Among the types of glass we replace are: side-door windows, rear windows, heated windshield, rain sensors, rear-view and side-view mirrors, and door glass window regulators.

When getting an auto glass installation, it is wise to ask if the place you are going is a member of the National Glass Association (NGA) and if they adhere to the standards held by the NGA.

Best Auto Glass is a member of the NGA and strictly follows glass installation safety standards and regulations. Safety is the most important thing in glass installation. Our glass installation technician has over 15 years of successful experience in installing auto glass safely.

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Auto Glass Specialists for Delta, OH

Only Replace Auto Glass with a Certified Auto Glass Specialist

Our Auto Glass Specialists are the Best at Best Auto Glass Mobile

Replacing auto glass in your car is no small matter. The safety of the driver and passengers can greatly depend on the state of the glass in your car. This is why when the occasion calls for repaired or replaced auto glass, you want someone who is a certified auto glass specialist to be doing the repairs or installation on your vehicle. At Best Auto Glass, we require all of our technicians to be independently certified and to follow  National Glass Association (NGA) and Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) installation standards. Safety always come first in glass installation.


Keep the rain where it belongs!

Here is what some of our customers are saying about us:“I also want to take the time to Thank You and your Staff for the wonderful and timely glass repair on my 1996 Explorer. I loved the fact that you could get my ford in right away as the weather that was predicted that night was not in my favor. You got my ford in and out in less than a hour! The service you offered me that day and for the final trim repair was quick and clean and the drop off service for me to get to work was a wonderful perk! I have been telling everyone I know to use your Company if they ever need their glass on their cars or trucks fixed in a timely and clean manner! It was nice to experience a GREAT REPAIR JOB! Thank You!”

Going the extra mile for customer service and for the safety of customers is what matters the most in the auto glass service industry. Make sure that you only have glass installed by an auto glass specialist who uses factory-approved, high quality glass and very high quality sealant to ensure no leaking.

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Affordable Auto Glass Repair Service from Blissfield to Bowling Green

Best Affordable Auto Glass Repair Service and Best Customer Service

At Best Auto Glass, we put our customers first in every way. We are a local auto glass repair company that finds pride in working with our community and that offers high quality repair for an affordable auto glass repair service price. We believe that not being a national chain allows us to serve you better and that makes us the best at what we do. We offer the best value for auto glass repair and the best customer service.  Our rates have always been competitive and we will continue to keep them that way.


Our Affordable Auto Glass Repair Service Promises

Since we believe that we offer the best affordable auto glass repair service in the auto glass industry, we have six service promises to make to you to ensure that our service is always the best at Best Glass Auto:

  • We promise to protect the interior of your car as we work. There is no reason for us to make a bigger mess than before, and we promise to keep things clean. We will also vacuum the glass inside of your car.
  • We promise that if your windshield ever leaks after repair or replacement at Glass Auto, we will replace it free-of-charge. Every windshield that we replace comes with a lifetime no-leak guarantee.
  • We promise to continue keeping our large inventory (we have access to over 18,000 types of auto glass every day) so that we are able to get your glass done as quickly as possible, typically on the same day of your appointment.
  • We promise to make things easy for you by coming to you, instead of making you come to us with a broken windshield. We have a 40-mile radius, which reaches to the areas of Blissfield, Michigan, Bowling Green, Oregon, and Delta, Ohio.
  • We promise to always have the best service for affordable auto glass repair. Our customers are extremely important to us and we always want to make you feel valued.


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Affordable Auto Glass Q&A

Get your questions answered about affordable auto glass

When you need to replace or repair your auto’s glass, several questions run through your mind about the process and the details surrounding the auto glass repair or replacement. We would like to address a few of those questions about affordable auto glass replacement.

Your Questions about Affordable Auto Glass

Will it be very expensive to get my windshield repaired or replaced?

We believe that we offer very competitive rates and affordable auto glass at Best Auto Glass. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, the insurance company will often cover your expenses. For non-collision repairs (like auto glass), most people are surprised by how low their deductible can be.

What about filing a claim with my insurance company? Am I going to have to contact them?

We know that you are busy and do not want to deal with contacting your insurance company, so we take care of this for you. All filing of claims is handled by our office.

How long does it take to replace my windshield?

Replacing your entire windshield only takes about an hour and a half. We do not recommend driving immediately after the replacement to ensure that your windshield seals. The installation technician will explain everything to you.

If you are especially busy when you need your auto glass replaced or repaired, you can schedule to have an installation technician come to your home or workplace and conduct the installation where you are.

Does your glass meet factory standards?

Yes and yes. We only used factory approved OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) replacement  glass when we replace the glass in your car. Using high quality glass and sealers is something we believe we owe to our customers. We know they expect the best products and we do not like to disappoint. We provide high-quality installments.

Are your affordable auto glass replacement technicians certified?

Yes, they are. We refuse to take any chances with your safety. All of our auto glass replacement technicians are independently certified and adhere to National Glass Association (NGA) and Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) installation standards. We provide a lifetime warrantee if there workmanship or leakage issues.

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3 Things Not To Do To Your Auto Glass

As the weather continues to get colder, Best Auto Glass Installers has a few things you should not do to protect your auto glass from damage during the harsh winter months.

  • DO NOT pour hot water on your windshield if there is ice. If there are any cracks or chips in your glass windshield, the vast change in temperature can cause that crack or chip to expand. Instead, try covering your windshield at night, or use a de-icing wiper fluid.
  • DO NOT use improper ice scraping equipment (such as something with a sharp edge) because the wrong tool could scratch the windshield, impairing your vision. Once the glass is scratched, there could be quite a bit of damage done to the glass., and more than likely you will need to replace the glass. Make certain you have a proper ice scraping tool in your vehicle at all times.
  • DO NOT hesitate to get cracks or chips repaired! The moisture paired with cold weather can make these things even worse, so be safe and repair your auto glass while the damage is minor.

Contact Best Auto Glass Installers with questions on how to care for and repair auto glass.

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Windshield Replacement for Toledo

Protect Your Windshield Replacement

Since windshield replacement and repair is our best area of service, we would like to share some tips on windshield maintenance that will help you protect your brand new or newly repaired auto glass. As we have said before, our customers are our first priority, and we want to help you care for your

Wiper Blade Maintenance Tips

Experts suggest replacing your wiper blades every six to nine months to ensure your safety. If you change your car oil on the suggested schedule of every 3,000-5,000 miles, it might be a good idea to check your blades to see if they need to be replaced at that time. Most places that change oil will also replace windshield wipers, so both can be done at the same time.

17628987If wipers are not replaced before they wear out, they can damage or even scratch your windshield replacement. Even more importantly, having wipers that are worn out or damaged can put you in danger. Your visibility is one of the most important aspects in driving and anything that obstructs (such as a dirty windshield) your view is a potential safety hazard. This is why we suggest you install new wipers with your new windshield replacement. We install high-quality  Icon wipers by Bosch.

In addition, regularly inspecting your wiper blades to make certain that they are clean and free from ice, snow, leaves, or debris (depending on the season) is crucial to your safety.  A wiper that is covered with ice or snow will not adequately clean your windshield and can even cause your wiper to get stuck and not work properly.

By keeping your windshield wipers in good repair, you can help ensure the long life of your windshield. Of course, for any unforeseen events, Best Auto Glass is here to help with all your windshield replacement and repair needs.

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